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skywave discography



Prototype of first Death By Audio Pedal:
Total Sonic Annihilation

Then the Sound Saw


--Harmonic Transformer
Death By Audio add made by Jacob Ried from Alcian Blue
Soundwave Breakdown

Interstellar Overdriver
Move to Brooklyn is rough.
East Williamsburg = Bushwick
A Place To Bury Strangers is formed.

Photo from video "I've Lived My Life to Stand in the Shadow of Your Heart" by Takako (Troublemaker Videos)

Supersonic Fuzz Gun

Master Volume option added to the Interstellar Overdriver
The wrapping turns to one of kind silkscreened boxes.
The Octave Clang

At the Death By Audio lab.


Death By Audio studios is the home of:

Dirty On Purpose
Coin Under Tongue
Death By Audio Recording Studio
Kill Brooklyn Music
Gregory J Wilson (Photographer)
A Place To Bury Strangers

DEATH BY AUDIO the venue is born. Fuzz WAR ROBOT  
skywave-1995-2003- ----2001---- -2002-DBA------->------------- 2003-Brooklyn,-Here-We-Come -- -2004---- --2005-Death-By-Audio-the-Studio-is-Born 2006------ 2007 000000000002008 00000000000002009 00000000000002010 000000000000000002011 2012 2013

Quotes from venue owners:
“Get the f*ck out of here!”
“I am going to kill you.”
“I've only had to wear earplugs twice in my entire life and both times were tonight.”
Glueing back on the headstock to the bass between shows.

Cherry Coated Records Studios Fredericksburg, VA

Cherry Coated Records, Recording Music, Reading Books about Electronics, Circuit Bending


Some are drawn into schematics and then built from those designs.

Pedal ideas are worked out on the solderless breadboard and the DBA Breakout Box

Effect Pedals, Dance Pad USB Control Devices, Electric Guitars 12 String + Baritone w/OctaFuzz

All 4 tires slashed again.
Stolen Aims Lead Head
Smashed in windows
Stolen TV
Stolen VCR
Car battery stolen
Stolen Bass Tapes
Broken winshield wipers
Mystery bullet hole
Dead dog in a plastic bag
Burning cars
Neighbors complaining about the noise
Gabe Molnar is mugged

Hand Painted DBA Banner by Gabe Molnar + Oliver Ackermann

Gabe Molnar goes on to form 1 Aeon a T-Shirt Company baased out of Brooklyn, NY. His portfolio is stolen by Brooklyn Industries and well let's just say they came out with a bunch of cool shirts that year.

Silkscreened 2004 catalog

Wrapping the pedals in one of a kind silkscreened posters.

Manufactured Blank Circuit Boards. Photo By Jen Siska

List of companies that based pedals on ideas from Death By Audio! What an honor! These are all great companies/..Electrocution revolution!

Effector 13
Napalm Effects

Delorean Musical

Audible Disease

Tone Factor

+++Many More

Oliver at the work bench. Photo By Gregory J Wilson
The Death By Audio Collective

Matt Conboy

George Wilson

Jason Amos




  Coin Under Tongue LP Released on Death By Audio Records Best Leave the real work to the proffessionals!